How to get a free hosting and domain in Peru?

Currently, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic (it also has its positive side), the virtualization of thousands of businesses has necessarily been mandatory to survive it. In Peru, small and medium businesses have created their web pages or have allied with different companies to channel their home sales, however the latter directly affects their income, since most of these allied companies provide their services to It costs a commission for each sale, thus reducing the profit margin that the small merchant obtains from the sales of their products or services.

On the other hand, many companies have seen the need to appear on the internet, since a digital presence could increase sales, through customers obtained by Google searches (the most common); but it also allows them to obtain their own corporate email, which increases the perception of stability by their potential clients.

For these and many other reasons, you should not stop having your own website, especially if you are starting a new project. In this guide I will show you how you can get free hosting and a free domain for one year in Peru.

It is important to emphasize that this is possible, only for Peruvian citizens or foreigners with an immigration card, registered in SUNAT with an active RUC number, regardless of whether you are a natural person with a business or a legal entity (RUC 10 or RUC 20).


Digital Kit

The Ministry of Production, also known as PRODUCE, has a digital platform aimed exclusively at MYPES, which has digital services and virtual business courses for its affiliates.

Thanks to the collaboration of different national companies, many of these services and courses are completely free.

Among these services, is Yachay, a company dedicated to the commercialization of web hosting and domains with national extensions (.pe). It is Yachay who offers the affiliates of the Digital Kit, the possibility of obtaining a free hosting and domain for one year.

Steps to get free hosting and domain

The first thing you should do is register on the Digital Kit platform, for this you will only need to fill out a form and confirm your email.

Once registered on the platform, you will have access to the portal, with all the available options. This registration usually takes no more than 5 minutes to complete.

Now you must go to the Services section, and within it enter the option Yachay – Create your digital presence. You must click on the “Enter” button located at the bottom of the logo, below the rating stars.

Within this option you will enter the Yachay portal, where they will detail the steps you must take to activate the service.

  1. You must register in Yachay with the same email that you registered in the Digital Kit portal.
  2. You will need to confirm your email. If you haven’t received the confirmation email, check your spam inbox.
  3. Send an email to with the subject “Digital Kit coupon request” where you must detail your full names, ID, address, company RUC, Yachay user, and the domain name you have chosen ( with the extension “” or “.pe”).
  4. Within 48 business hours, they will send you an email with a “Confirmation of conditions” form that you must fill out and respond to them confirming that you did. Once confirmed, they will send you a coupon, which you will use when completing the order.
  5. Enter the Yachay platform with your username and password, and add your domain to the cart (Catalog / Domains) and then add the hosting HOSTI100 (Catalog / Hosting), both for a period of 1 year.
  6. You must make sure that the data entered matches the hosting plan, the period and the domain name you chose.
  7. Register the payment process with Cash Payment or VISA and insert the coupon in the “Promotional Code” section.
  8. Enter your Yachay portal and you will be able to access the free hosting and domain. You should take into account that the activation process can take between 50 minutes to 2 hours.

Using the platform Yachay

At this point you can access the Yachay platform to manage your hosting and free domain. To do this, you can enter the portal from the “Login” section in

Here you must enter the email and password that you chose when you started the registration on the platform.

As soon as you enter the portal, you will be able to view your domain and hosting data. To access the configuration of each one, you can enter directly from there, or from the side section, in “My Services”.

Here you can access the CPanel, and the general configuration of the hosting, which you can use without any problem.


Finally, if you have any problem or inconvenience during this process, you can always use their phone number or email, and they will help you throughout the process.

It is important that you evaluate the size of your project. If it is a simple project, such as a blog or a basic ecommerce, this may be a good option for you, on the contrary if your requirements are more advanced, Yachay’s free service will not be able to support it.

Finally, if you plan to create a blog, I recommend reading 4 simple steps to create a blog that generates money.

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