Connectio launches free tool to calculate ROI from Facebook Ads

Connectio is a recognized platform created by Wilco de Kreij, and has a set of tools dedicated to improving the work of ad managers, seeking to improve and optimize the profitability obtained from Facebook ads.

Recently the company has launched an interesting tool, free to access and without registration, which would allow us to calculate the ROI obtained from Facebook advertising campaigns.

According to Wilco, 80% of ad campaigns on Facebook are not profitable and are intended to return a negative ROI. Certainly, an advertising campaign, without a prior and in-depth analysis, has a high risk of failure.

Both to analyze a future investment in Facebook Ads, as well as to analyze an investment already made, the Connectio ROI calculator will help you determine the profitability of each of your advertising campaigns on Facebook, which you can use as support to take a better decision in advertising investments.

Calculator parameters

The ROI calculator is intuitive and you only have to complete 5 fields to get the result.

  1. What is your expected monthly ad spend?
  2. What is your expected CPC?
  3. What’s your opt-in conversion rate?
  4. What’s your lead to customer conversion rate?
  5. What’s the average sale price?

The first field asks us to enter the amount of what we expect to invest in Facebook advertising, or on the contrary, the amount that we already invest.

The second field asks us to enter the amount we plan to pay per click, and the third field asks us to enter the percentage of people who would become leads.

The fourth field asks us to enter the percentage of potential customers that eventually became customers.

Finally, field number five asks us to enter the average amount of the orders that we have received.


Finally, this tool allows us to analyze which variables we must improve or modify to increase the profitability of our advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Remember that it is only a calculator, and that the true responsible and genius behind each advertising campaign is you.

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