Tourism Sector: How to survive the pandemic?

We cannot deny that the sector most affected so far is the tourism sector, due to the multiple closures of borders in various countries, and added to this, a quarantine imposed by many governments, preventing the free development of this sector for many months of paralyzation.

As a consequence, many companies in the industry are now on the brink of crisis, and without a good strategic plan they will not get very far.

Taking all this into consideration, we decided to share with you a list of ideas that could help you, if you belong to this sector and you are still not very clear about how your business can survive the pandemic.


Make a specialized ebook

In simple words, an ebook is an electronic book. It is the same as any book you could find in the library, but the difference is that you will not have to go anywhere, since you can read it directly on your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Trust me, the online market is growing and many freelancers make money from it. However, this is not about simply creating an e-book, putting it up for sale and generating millions of income. Not.

It’s about creating fresh, eye-catching material for those you plan to sell to. If you are a tourism agency with a track record, this will help you in the beginning, since you will have a brand that supports it and a long list of contacts of possible interested parties.

If you are not well known in the sector yet, you will have to do a little extra effort, promoting yourself on social networks and generating leads, perhaps through a sales funnel.

In both cases, we know that your target audience is those people interested in tourism, and who have traveled or are planning to travel at some time, and I assume that it is to them that you intend to dedicate the material you plan to create.

Ebook of what…?

Of course, one of the biggest questions when starting in this, is deciding the topic that you will write in it. Well, I will mention a few ideas that you can use for this, however, your creativity will help you go further.

If you dedicate yourself to tourism, I assume that you have endless stories with you, so many that you could write a book about that, right? Well, great! There you have it, a book telling all the experiences (paranormal or not) of all the trips you have made. If you have employees, perhaps it is them you can turn to requesting all this fabulous information to finally collect it.

Do you have advice to offer to those who visit a certain place or country? I’m sure they will appreciate it. Many people travel without knowing the rules of a certain place, city or country. Especially the small communities in the interior of the country, those countries that have some exceptional rules or ways of living. You can also mention the best places and dates to visit. There are not yet guides for all the places in the world, so I am sure that you will find that empty space that needs to be filled in the travel guides and many people interested in knowing them.

How to sell an ebook?

The easiest and perhaps fastest way to get sales is through platforms with Amazon, who provide you with tools to convert your Word documents into e-books, and even help you create your book cover.

In exchange for this, Amazon will charge you between 30% to 35% of the price of the product.

However, this is not about putting the book up for sale and sitting around waiting for the money to come in each day. Well, it’s not that easy. You will have to apply various digital marketing strategies.

If you already have an email list, it will help you a lot to send emails advising your clients or leads that you have put an interesting book on sale for him.

If you don’t have an email list or if you want to increase the reach of emails, you will have to go out and find leads. You can create a sales funnel and/or promote yourself on social networks, such as Facebook groups on the subject. You should dedicate more time and perseverance to this.

Sell to the future

Tourism has not stopped forever, and many travel lovers are just waiting for the pandemic to end, and they will start all over again with all these adventures they are accustomed.

So what are you waiting to take advantage of this bomb that is about to explode?

Many hotels and airlines are probably going through the same loss as tourism agencies, so it is the ideal time to make new agreements with them.

Consequently, you can offer complete packages to your clients, at an incredible price. It offers packages that can be purchased today, to use early next year, for example, in the Valentine’s season. You should consider offering your clients the possibility of changing the date (since the end of the pandemic is still uncertain) and agreeing to it in the agreement with your suppliers (preferably in a written contract).

In this way, we will generate liquidity to sustain our current fixed expenses and survive the coronavirus pandemic.

Virtual Tour

There is an audience that does not have time to leave home, but they like stories. Well, here we will focus on them. You don’t need to invest for this, as there are great tools to create them, like Google Tour Creator.

You do not need to wait for the quarantine to end to start working, with this tool you can create a complete Tour of the most fascinating places in the world, and with 360 ° views.

You can offer these tours through companies dedicated to the sale of tickets such as Joinnus or Teleticket, who charge only a small commission for the sale, however, thanks to their great popularity, they will possibly bring you many clients.

Make a pause

Finally, if your situation or the situation of your company is complicated, it will be better to take a break. This means, declare before the tax entity of your country, a temporary withdrawal, to avoid having to declare taxes without having income.

Take a break and start working on a great relaunch strategy – it’s not the end after all.

Your employees will probably be harmed, but you will have to explain the true situation you are going through, and come to an agreement with them. Empathy help cope with the most difficult situations and discussions.

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